Wordful Wednesday – A Marriage Proposal

Esther asked me today how old she has to be to marry Ezra.

I told her 29.

“Why 29?” she asked.

“Well” I replied “you graduate from high school at 18, college at 22, grad school at 25ish…you then need to get a job and work at the job for awhile and you need to travel the world and touch at least six of the seven continents before you get married – so I am thinking that 29 years old would be the earliest that you would want to get married.”

Esther thought and then asked “well is it legal for me to get married before 29 if I decided to do it earlier?”

“No” I replied “there is a written law that you must be at least 29 and some say maybe even 32.”

Esther got a sad look on her face and said “but what if Ezra doesn’t wait that long for me?  I think we should maybe just get married when we are eight and not tell anyone so we won’t go to jail.”

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  1. says

    What a sweetheart! I’m pretty sure Ezra would be a fool not to wait for her!! Beautiful post and pictures, so glad you tweeted about it!

  2. jill r says

    Ava asked Brock to marry her on Sunday at Max’s baseball fame (he’s her crush from k-prep days)…I think she freaked him out (typical man)….he wouldn’t leave grandma’s side at today’s game, LOL. Just Saturday, she was planning how many children they’d have (twin girls and a boy). Guess we don’t have to worry about her running off with him at 8.

  3. says

    So adorable. She is precious.
    You know growing up in Europe we were thought there are six continents, because of you I googled it and learned here we say there are seven. One learns something new everyday. Not to mention legal marriage age…
    Stasha recently posted..Just one bite

    • admin says

      I don’t want her to live with me – I just want her to live by herself and date a lot. lol

  4. says

    I got married for the first time at five. It was a hot day – too hot to play outside, so a bunch of us played dress-up which turned into a wedding. My brother presided (and forgot the words). My best friend, Greg, sat in as groom (and refused to kiss me at the end). My mom got it on film. She was crying… which may have been tears of laughter.

    I got married again, with much pomp and circumstance (and just as many tears from laughter) at twenty-five.
    Mrs. MidAtlantic recently posted..Slow Down!

  5. says

    Esther is a doll! Your photography is awesome! And agreed 29 or later is ideal! And tell your cutie that any boy that doesn’t wait around for her is not worth her time!
    Anne recently posted..Krazy!

  6. says

    That kid is just too smart for her own good 😉 And beautiful.

    I think 29 is a good age to get married. That’s when I got married! Of course I had done, um, none of the things you listed by then. Well, I did go to college, and I did have a job. I feel like such a slacker…
    Mrs. Jen B recently posted..RemembeRED: Class Trip

  7. cysiphist says

    Come now. I’m 28 and coming up on my 8th anniversary with my husband! (And graduating from grad school at 25? In my dreams! Though that’s coming in a few short months.)

  8. says

    Such sound advice Tracy. I am just glad my three still never want to get married! They think they want to live at home with mom and dad forever. Not sure about that piece.

    Where did you get that tricycle? Absolutely in love with it.

    Your Utah Friend,

    Tina recently posted..First Plane Ride

  9. says

    I was married at 23. 🙂 And I did most of that list, including the travelling (still have a year left of grad school.)

    But with my kids? Mine is never allowed to be married, regardless of age (maybe when I’m dead?) So at least you gave her 29!
    Kate recently posted..Our Secret Identity