So that is what eight looks like?

The kids had Friday off from school. I took them to music class with the baby.  They looked like giants.  If you ever want perspective of how much your kids have grown – put them in a room with a bunch of two year olds.

I kind of sat back and let Eloise do the class with Astrid. At one point Eloise took Astrid’s hand and led her to the instrument bin.

The mom next to me had two little girls on her lap – a new-ish baby and a toddler.  Just six short years ago that was me in this very same class. This very same spot. This very same music. Little Eloise dancing. Baby Esther cradled in my arms. I closed my eyes briefly and went back to that moment. That very brief moment.

Soon I felt a tap on my arm from this mom next to me.

You daughter, how old is she? She asked.

Eight. I replied

Eight?  She’s only eight?  That is what eight looks like? She seemed shocked. I noticed she hugged her two year old just a little closer.

Yes, that is what eight looks like. I answered. 


Our nice weather has ended our neighborhood hibernation.  The children emerge from their homes each Spring I swear a foot taller and more beautiful.  They run faster and jump higher.  The balls they throw go further and their voices are different.

The young girl from down the block rides her bike by and I do a double-take.  Twelve – isn’t she just twelve I think?  She now must be five feet ten with a body of a woman and long blond hair curling down her back.  I stand in shock as I call Eloise over to hug her shoulders to just keep her still for a moment as I think..

So that is what twelve looks like?

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  1. Mandy says

    For some reason I haven’t thought much over the years when people would tell me how much my son was growing or how small he was the last time they seen him but a few weeks ago I was stopped Dead. In. My. Tracks. He had just gotten out of the shower and had his robe on and the way the light him him just so, I could see he had a mustache :O WTF!!! Needless to say, I cried myself to sleep and have been in a state of semi-coma ever since…

    Oh, and if you are wondering, he will be 14 in June 🙁 They really do sprout up faster than we expect or want and although I am looking forward to watching him turn into a man, I would really like to have my little boy back sometimes…

  2. says

    I still vividly remember when I first walked my Erina to her Kindergarten class room. I’m sure I gawked at the “HUGE” 5th Graders, they all looked so mature, so grown up and a bit scary. I made sure to double check with the teacher that my little girl didn’t have to share a playground with THOSE big kids. Now my little girl is one of those big kids… I swear, it happened so fast!!
    Monika recently posted..Spring Mini Sessions in Vacaville- CA

    • admin says

      I admit I used to look at those big kids because they were trouble because they were BIG and my baby was baby. Now she is a big kid and as sweet as pie.

  3. says

    This post is absolutely gorgeous in every way.
    I can’t believe that is what eight looks like either! My cousin is ten so I remember the day she was born, I remember holding her for the first time and teaching her how to smell flowers and now she’s writing me emails! GAH!
    Yuliya recently posted..hump day nuggets- or blatant plagiarism

  4. says

    Absolutely gorgeous post.

    Mine will be 3 or 5 this summer and it seems like just a few months ago they were learning to walk!! It is such a cliche but so true that they grow up so fast.
    Stephanie recently posted..I just don’t get…

  5. says

    Oh, honey wow. Just wow! This post is brilliant, beautiful. Just like your sweetness and your motherhood.

    Excuse me while I go squeeze my BABIES a little tighter!


    • admin says

      I waffle between loving the babies and looking forward to enjoying womanhood with these amazing girls. I always love your perspective sweet friend.

  6. says…beautiful post! I face each new stage with such mixed emotions, joy for the awesome little people that my kids are becoming, but wistful sadness for the squeezable little ones who they are slowly shedding…
    Melanie H. recently posted..Nacho Cheese

    • admin says

      Please don’t say boobies. Jed reads my blog. 😉 Pretty sure he’ll move out when Eloise starts her period.

  7. says

    Just found you through Twitter, come visit me at my blog.

    Daughters…it’s terrifying really. I have two. You want to protect and hold them and keep them innocent and safe from anyone who wants to hurt them. And judging by her picture, she’s going to grow up and be a stunner, so it will be doubly hard!!

    Enjoy it while we can, it’s our only hope!
    FranceRants recently posted..Advice Column Rant

  8. says

    It really does fly doesn’t it? At the peak of my exasperation, I’ve caught myself saying to my 4 year old “why can’t you just GROW UP ALREADY??”
    It will happen soon enough…I shouldn’t rush it.