An Important Blissdom for the camera

If I may get shallow for a moment.  Ever since I met Molly about a year ago, I have been slightly jealous of her gorgeous looks – her amazing skin, hair, eyes and ability to rock make-up. Seriously she needs to teach classes.  But I have met many a gorgeous women in my time and even though they are stunning, they can still take a bad picture.

For a year now I have been waiting to see that one bad picture of Molly so I could say “AHA – see, she is not gorgeous every second!” But it turns out she is, both inside and out.

I am such a shallow woman.

But I look at pictures of me and think “ohemgeee where did all those chins come from, and the bags under the eyes, and the up the nose shots.”  I do not have modeling experience and had no idea you have to position your face in a certain way for gorgeousness.

I blame my mother for not knowing this and teaching it to me at an early age.  She never taught me about the head tilted down and a bit to the side.  The perfect “mug” for pictures.

Molly has known this her whole life and shared her secret with me last week at Blissdom.  I am practicing it constantly when I am alone and when I am talking to people.

Pretty sure they don’t think I’m a day over 37.

So I thought I would show you what a difference a little lower and tilt makes…even without make-up…

The Mugging tutorial for a free face lift..

…the “oh shit my iphone camera is turned the wrong way” vantage point…BAD – do not do this. It is scary and I don’t want to see your chins or up your nose.  How many people scared themselves this week with their iphone camera. ME.

..the straight on face that I have been doing for 42 years.  Come on mother’s, teach your daughters not to do this. I need counseling. How many others have one eye more open than the other. Drives me batty.

..and finally the tilt and lower the left..”Hey baby, I just took 10 years off..” maybe

.and the right…and when you tilt down your hair magically covers your wrinkles…

It’s brilliant. You will thank me, and Molly.

Now I may never have Molly’s gorgeous eyes or skin..but look mom, only ONE chin!

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  1. Jen A says

    I took a photo of myself yesterday using Ava’s touch and o.m.g. I truly almost started crying. So hideous. I shall retake it today using your handy tip!

  2. jill r says

    I tried using your tips..why .didn’t work for me? Oh, that’s right, I’m not starting with the same gorgeous face as you are!!! I added the cheesecloth to my camera lens and THAT worked, total white-out. No more wrinkles, no more chins…just a white silhouette.

  3. says

    Thank you. You have definitely mastered the mug.

    And I did the reverse iphone freak out this this morning. Painful.

    Oh yeah, and there are tons of bad pictures. Tons.

  4. stacey says

    I love this! You are always GORGEOUS!
    Several years back I was photographed for a trade magazine! The photographer suggested that I tip my chin down & slightly press my “face” out! WOW! it works! As you will notice in photos of my children I have passed this along. Husband doesn’t quite get it, still working that nostril flare… what’s that about??? I also have another very vain male friend who now looks like Zoolander when he poses! You can find him quite easily in my fb photos hahaha!

  5. says

    LAUGHING at the Boobs Comment 🙂 Forgetting the pump is painful but awesome 😉

    Never let anyone take pics from below ACK!

    Meeting you was a joy, you are a doll.

    • admin says

      Yes below is always bad. our kids must think we are really ugly and old. lol

      So fun to meet you too!

  6. says

    What the heck? I had no idea what my problem has been for my 40something years. I’ve got the whole one eye bigger than the other as well as a smile that makes me look like I’m constipated! I’m absolutely going to try the Molly Mug! My mom had no clue so she wouldn’t have been able to pass it on to me. Sigh…
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