Mary Did What – reposted

..In honor of all the little children opening their first doors of chocolate on their advents calendars – I thought I would share my favorite Holiday post from last year…

The Nativity in 2009..

Eloise “Hey mom – we can’t figure out who Joseph is.”

Me “He is one of the guys.”

Eloise “We know that – but there are like 6 guys here, which one is he?”

Me walking into the room “Well, these 3 look like kings or wise men, and these 3 are shepherds – so he must be one of the shepherds.”

Eloise “Do we need a Joseph anyway because isn’t God really His dad – why isn’t God on this thing. Is Joseph really His step dad or what?”

Esther(randomly) “Is this the same Mary that is in the lamb song? I don’t think she is married she is just a kid who has a little lamb.”

Eloise “Well, I don’t we should just use any of these guys without knowing who the real Joseph is. I am not doing it. We cannot just use any Joseph.”

Esther “Why don’t we just use a different guy each day – the green shepherd today, the blue king tomorrow. They can just take turns with Mary.”

Merry Christmas.

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