My Friday Favorites – Back to School Clothing…

People who know me well, know what my thing is.  We all have one thing.  Some may buy expensive cars, treat themselves to monthly cuts and color, weekly nail touch ups, motorcycles, even books.  Some people’s thing may even be expensive underwear.

But my thing is children’s clothing.  Little girls clothing to be exact.  (There is a reason I am in the business…)  A full closet of pretties, hung on wooden hangers TIMES three girls…makes me happy.

And the irony was not lost on me when on Sunday I took the time to hang all 165  of their Fall outfits while watching Confessions of a Shopaholic.

But it is my only thing.  I cut and color my own hair, I paint my own nails, I don’t go out for lunch, I don’t go to spas, I don’t go on expensive vacations, I drive an 8 year old car, my house needs work.

But our closets are GORGEOUS.
So as you can imagine, I have spent the past 4 months obsessing about the make-up of their back to school wardrobes. (and this is part I loose most of you..whether from the 4 months comment, the obsession, or the word wardrobe..but remember – this is MY thing).
Eloise had a transitional year in 1st grade…moving from the cute dresses, twirly skirt and mary janes of kindergarten to looking like she stepped out of the Gap catalog – choosing jeans, tee’s, sweaters and depressingly enough…tennis shoes.
It was a rough year for me.  Very rough.
But I obliged and we have compromised.  Instead of her closet being filled with European fashions, we shopped from The Gap, Naartjie, Crewcuts, Mini Boden, a bit of some Gymboree basics and 77 Kids(but never Justice. NEVER).  My wallet is saved from boutique spending and she is happy..and fits in.
Esther on the other hand, is still my muse, my model, my euro fashion diva that I can put in the fanciest of dresses, the twirliest of skirts, and line her closet in mary janes in every shade of the rainbow to match.

Life is good with my frilly Kindergartner. Life is good.

Her closet is filled with Matilda Jane, Oilily, Room Seven, Catimini, Cakewalk, Jottum, with a bit of Crewcuts, Naartjie and Mini Boden to tone down the frill a bit on casual days.

To say I went nuts on her wardrobe would be an understatement. But I know I probably only have one more year.

And it is my ONE thing.

What is your ONE thing..and where are you shopping for back to school?


P.S. – I shop for my boutique brands at Little Skye Children’s Boutique, Little Luna Blue, Modekids and Poppydoll(in case you were in the market….tell them Tracy sent you…)

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My name is Tracy Morrison and I live in sunny Minnesota. I'm neither British nor a nun - I'm just a Midwesterner with a headache. This is mainly a humor and lifestyle blog that documents the lighter side of parenting. I am an ex-corporate ladder climber turned freelance writer, social media manager, world traveler, and marathon runner. I would love for you to contact me at

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  1. Heather says

    You totally crack me up sister. Can you please shop for my kids? This is definitely NOT my thing and I hate to even shop for myself. I bought my first pair of $200 jeans at 40…..I will go on expensive trips (girls weekend in Mexico in Nov) and do a quarterly spa day, bi-monthly nails and waxing but please do not make me shop. I hate that Emma is now at an age that she has to try stuff on. Lucky neither of my kids care what they wear and as long as they match I do not either. Hope you are well. The girls LOOK GREAT!

    Heather Moran

  2. melanie says

    I am sure this will be telling, but I think my ONE thing is food. Even on a grocery budget, I still buy nice goat cheese, organic milk, dark roast coffee, greek yogurt, juice that was recently fruit and dark chocolate. I would rather sacrifice crappy snacks for high quality items. When I go out with my man, we like to find interesting, unique, yummy restaurants, and sometimes that means we can go out less, but when do go out, it’s a big treat. 🙂

  3. says

    Hey, it’s not Friday yet!!!

    My thing is your thing ;-). I totally understand the obsession and going overboard with the younger one (beacause it might be the last season before boring jeans & tees!!! EEEK!!!). Grace will be 9 in another month and I’m lucky to say, she’s still wearing the funky, frilly stuff. So who knows, maybe Ester will stay your funky monkey too.
    Monika recently posted..Lil Blue Boo

  4. says

    Oh, I am so with you! It’s my thing, it keeps me up at night co-ordinating outfits and cursing people who don’t ship to Canada. The kids stand out in our small town because of their wardrobes and I get a bit embarrassed by it. Doesn’t seem to stop me, though. 🙂 Anna’s starting kindergarten this year, and I dread the day she starts wanting to dress herself.
    Kate S. recently posted..Digger Day

  5. says

    You failed to mention how your are a pusher. You feed the habits of some people, but I’m not naming names. And we love every minute of it!

    Should I be regretting not getting Annie the cute Boden top I see in the first picture? What size did you get?

  6. Rachel says

    I don’t have ONE thing…I relish all things expensive. Expensive shampoo….I spend a lot on shampoo…it’s a very underrated thing when you have hair like mine! Q-Tips…always buy the brand name…along with expensive toilet paper. Spend a fortune literally to flush it down…but who wants to use cheap T.P.? Wine…only very good will do or else why drink it? I could go on and on…but alas, clothing. Do I need to go there? I don’t like the kids to repeat an outfit for three weeks…and don’t let them. Yes, I have issues!

  7. says

    I have a 2nd grader, Ella, and an almost 2 year old, Emilia. Ella has resisted my attempts to dress her since birth. After a number of epic battles while she was in preschool, I eventually caved and allowed her to shop at Justice. My husband and I have an unofficial deal…I shop for Emilia, he takes Ella to Justice. And although I cringe every time I see the Justice catalog, I have to admit that Ella puts together some cute outfits. Not as cute as the ones I would put together elsewhere, of course, or as cute as the ones Eloise is wearing, but she picks them out herself, wears them without fighting, and (even though she’s shopping in tween hell), somehow manages to have her own sense of style.

  8. Sabine says

    Like Katie, I am sooooo with you…it is my one obsession/addiction!!! (Also hate it when they don’t ship to Canada!!!) We are on holidays this week…lousy weather…what did I do all week….shop on ebay for Serena’s school wardrobe!!! Her clothes take up two closets and then some boxes……she will never wear it all…..crazy…but I love it and don’t feel bad about it one bit!!!!

    Love all your girs’ clothes. Where did you get Eloise’s pink blouse/purple tights?

  9. Sabine says

    ….oh….where did I shop for fall clothes? Oilily…cakewalk…mini boden…room seven….and gap!!!
    What really TICKS me…is I have a 5 year old who wears size 6/7/8…I want to still dress her in the CUTSIE stuff..but those boutique european brands (like oilily) always stop their cutsie clothes at like size 4…why do they do that?

  10. admin says

    Oh Heather – I would love to shop for you…or perhaps you should just invite me to Mexico? 😉 So fun to hear from you. I miss you.
    Melanie – you need to grocery shop for me – I hate it.
    Monika – I hope Esther will follow in your Grace’s footsteps and humor me for several more years! I have new hope!
    Rachel – you have many issues. That is why I love you like a sister.
    Karen – your comment is so sweet..and so good to know it is not just my
    Kate – so glad I am in good company! I am so stressed about first day back to school sets right now.
    Tif – Just say no…or don’t. I LOVE that boden top. I bought E mostly 9/10’s this season but that tunic is a 7/8 and it is a fav of ours. Super soft and fun.
    Sabine – how fun to have your comment on my blog. I miss you!!! That purple/pink set is from naartjie. So cute!
    Michelle – I totally think I saw you at Goodwill today. Repent…you make me laugh. I will get right on that…when you do.

  11. says

    Too cute for words! That pic of Esther, criminy, it should be in a catalog. I wish you would have been my mom when I was a fashion craving young lady, my only options were Pamida and JCPenne. May explain my lack of fashion sense as a 48 year old…but I do have some very cute hooded sweatshirts…
    kp recently posted..the great Minnesota get together

  12. says

    The last two photos are my favorite~ Eloise sitting on the steps w/ her adorable ruffled capris and leopard shoes and then that photo of Miss Esther could not be more perfect. My ONE thing used to be collecting Awesome books to build a family library (and after 20 yrs. of marriage we are bursting at the seams!), but now has switched to things for the home (both inside and out). And shoes. And wine. And massage appts. every couple of months. Okay, so I don’t just have ONE thing!
    Rachelle recently posted..A Home Cooked Meal

  13. Tina M says

    I’m Another with a thing like your thing! ;0) girls clothing. My oldest has been opposite of Eloise though. Riley wears a uniform to school & when she’s NOT in a uniform…she wants to be in a dress or skirt. :0) BUT…she has very odd taste.

    My little is 4.5 & her closet is beyond overflowing because I can get away with it all on her.

    We have MJ coming out our ears & she has been loving Gap & gymboree this year. My love is MJ & Naartjie. Their closets could consist of only that & I would be happy.

  14. Tina M says

    I wanted to add I shopped at Justice for the 1st time this summer. I was having a terrible time finding cute stuff for Riley & a little girls at dance class had the most darling skirt & tank combo & I had to ask her mom where she bought it. JUSTICE!!! I hadn’t set foot in that store before but we went straight there after ballet. I bought that outfit & 2 others that were cute. (But Riley never wore 2 of them…she didn’t like them after all. geesh…that child!)
    So I have limited her to 1 “mommy approved” justice outfit per season. Their skirts fit my skinny minnie very well. Love the plaid skirts with a cute top & knee socks!