How Low I Have Sunk.. Dear Lunchbox,

Dear Lunchbox,

I am so happy that I do not have to see you again for 3 months.  Three happy months.  Every morning for the past 173 days you have taunted me from the counter.  I read Eloise the daily menu and hope and pray she will say “okay, I will take hot lunch today!” – I try to convince her of the benefits of eating the schools beef fried rice and goulash.  I had luck a few occasions with the turkey corn dogs or, of all things, pizza.  But usually every morning I packed her lunch in YOU.

And oh yes, I was one of ‘those’ at the beginning of the year, planning my cute little bento style lunches in cute individual containers. Oh we had some good times back then lunchbox.   Back when I arose at 4:30 just to cut up her cheese into cute flower shapes, to gently put grapes and blueberries on tooth picks as kabobs. Oh I rolled my share of turkey so cutely around cream cheese.  I filled your containers with organic crackers that I am sure were ground from wheat raised by Amish farmers and shaped with love by people who don’t wear deodorant.  The milk I packed was evidently immediately from the cow by the price I paid.

I carefully packed this lunch in you – this lunch full of love, time, organic yummies and at a cost of probably $25.  Oh how proud I was of my success.

Slowly Mr. Lunchbox, things changed.  Eloise would accidentally throw away one of your cute little containers, so baggies were purchased.  I couldn’t afford the $8 of Amish ground wheat crackers anymore and Pringles were free this week at Target with my coupon.  Blueberries were no longer in season and cinnamon applesauce was requested. Turkey became a delicacy and pretty soon I was even too lazy to slap peanut butter on wheat bread – so I found an AWESOME invention and threw a frozen sandwich in the box and killed 2 birds with one stone since I could now leave out the ice pack.
I don’t even remember that bento loving mom back in September with her cute little perfectly packed lunches full of organic goodness.  The lunches that the other kids made fun of.  The lunches that Eloise basically just threw in the garbage.  So this, this is the lunch I packed for my daughter the last day of school this year.  And you better believe she ate every bite and then threw the baggies in the garbage.


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  1. Jaci says

    OMGosh, you are my lunchbox-hating twin! My lovely (vegetarian) daughter turns up her nose at 99.5% of the school lunch menu offerings. I live for (cheese) pizza Fridays and the rare occasion that they serve tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches. I remember one week this year she ate school lunch a record 3 times and it was like a vacation week for me. LOL! I’m so glad to put away the lunchbox until August!

  2. says

    Haha! This is great! I don’t have kids in school (yet) but I do things like this with my one year old all the time! I’m a new follower–can’t wait to keep reading!

  3. says

    Thanks for following my blog – I am now following you too.

    Your kids are older than my one by quite a bit – but I like your writing style and approach – I had a good laugh at your post (made with love by people who don’t wear deodorant) and will be back.

  4. Jen says

    LOL, too funny!!!!!

    I don’t look forward to fall—-packing for both girls *and* myself when I go back to work (teaching)……I pretty much eat the SAME EXACT thing every day during the school year just so I don’t have to think about what to pack. It really is such a pain for some reason!!!!!

  5. says

    You know they will remember BOTH kinds of lunches-you crack me up.

    Finally home-catching up today, scout court of honor tonight…maybe coffee someday this week?

  6. says

    LOL!!! This post cracked me up! Next, you need to train her to pack her own lunch! I’m somehow still stuck packing Elise’s, but Nina packs her own most of the time!

  7. says

    My kids would probably think something was wrong if I put a homemade sandwich in their lunchbox, we go through Uncrustables like, well I can’t think of an appropriate analogy, but I sure wish I had stock in Smuckers! Thankfully though, our oldest does hot lunch most days & he’s super excited because next year in 3rd grade you get to start doing the A la carte line!