I fell in love yesterday…

(just some quick iphone pictures to share)

Announcing Astrid Michelle

July 23, 2009 12:22pm

6 pounds 11 ounces

20″ long

…yes, she was born on Thursday, but it was yesterday that I completely fell in total unconditional love though.
Sure, I loved her in my belly…feeling her kicks and hearing her heartbeat and seeing her ultrasounds. Being part of my body.
Sure, when the nurse held her over the screen following surgery for me to see the first time, I did love her then and couldn’t wait to get to recover to properly hold her and smell her.
Sure, on her first full day I loved her when I was in so much pain to completely enjoy her and just waiting my next dose of narcotics, when I still couldn’t leave my bed, when I had many visitors to see her and didn’t get much quality time with her – I still loved her.
But yesterday, I fell in love.
Yesterday, I had time to myself with her. We took gentle time to nurse. I completely undressed her and laid her on her soft blanket and inspected and rubbed every inch of her beautiful body. She looked at me and followed my soft voice as I sang to her. We talked about our dreams and about love and nature and everything that was so perfect in this world because she was in it. How complete she made me and our family. We kissed and snuggled and smelled each other – taking each other completely in like new lovers. It was perfect. She is perfect and her mommy is smitten with her forever.

xoxo, t

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